Poison arrow frogs

Dendrobates is the scientific name fot the family of a few hundred different species of tropical frogs.

They live in the rainforests of Central and South America .Those frogs are known by the name of poison arrow or
poison dart frogs because the indigenous people of Latin America ,the Indians, used the poison that the frogs
secrete on their skin as poison as poison on their arrows .

The frogs secrete the poison on their skin in case of stress .This skin poison is only dangerous when it enters the bloodsystem of the attacker.The poison arrow frogs lose their poison more or less in captivity. This is probably
due to the lack of a varied diet of insects of their naturel habitat .

Below you will see all the species and Kinds as bred and sold by Frogs and More

From 2012 we also sell various 1st quality breeding frogs by Ombry Santos ,he raises more than 25 years Dendrobates tinctorius, azureus and leucomelas.

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